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High Potency Vitamin C


  • Iso-C™ High Potency Vitamin C Serum consists of a patented bioactive molecule, Iso-C, dissolved in a moisturizing liquid base that is gentle to skin and easy to apply. 
  • Once the serum is applied, the Iso-C quickly diffuses into the deep layers of the skin where it goes to work enhancing skin immunity, stimulating collagen production, and increasing skin health.
  • Iso-C also inhibits blotchiness and inflammation associated with sun exposure.  In about four weeks your skin will be smooth and soft to the touch and the appearance of fine lines and age spots will be reduced.  The skin will be firmer and more radiant with a pleasing, even tone.   

What is Iso-C?

Years of scientific research have shown that vitamin C protects and rejuvenates the skin when applied topically.  Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and protects against free radical damage.  Together, these effects reduce the appearance of pre-existing fine lines and wrinkles and inhibit the formation of new ones. The result – firm, healthy skin that’s visibly smooth and radiant.

But to produce its beneficial effects, vitamin C must first get into the skin.  All vitamin C products currently on the market contain forms of ascorbic acid that resist absorption, so most of the vitamin C remains on the top layer of skin where it has no effect.   Iso-C is different.  BottleOnly Iso-C is a patented, enhanced form of vitamin C that is designed to absorb deep into the skin while retaining full beneficial activity.


Iso-C is a patented product of Xenologica Research (U.S. Patent #6,602,906).